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Dan Reed

Can U.S. Crude Exports Ease Tensions in Europe? Maybe

Oil has been a central concern of U.S. foreign policy for nearly 50 years, but the role it plays might be in for a big change. The Russian expansionism of Vladimir Putin is putting Europe in an awkward position. The nations can either fight back and risk losing access to Russian oil and natural gas […]

Dan Reed

80 Years Later, Jones Act Impacting Energy Prices

Sen. Wesley Jones might have died 81 years ago, but he’s still making new enemies in the oil and energy industries and friends in the maritime industries. Thanks to Jones, propane sold in Houston can’t be shipped easily or economically to the frozen tundra of the Northeastern United States, where a remarkably hard winter has […]

Dan Reed

U.S. Natural Gas Production Becoming More Popular

Southerners today owe much to Willis Carrier. Similarly, they – along with the rest of America – may soon come to hold George Mitchell in the same high regard. Carrier invented modern air conditioning in 1902. Beginning in the 1950s, air conditioning became affordable and economically practical. It transformed the South from a sparsely populated […]

RP Siegel

Domestic Fuel Boom Could Become a Bursting Bubble

When you have a hot product that people are buying lots of, you want to try and sell as much as you can while the getting is good. That is clearly the case with natural gas right now, which at historically low prices is enjoying unprecedented success. No wonder then that suppliers are trying to […]

RP Siegel

Is There a Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes?

The U.S. has been experiencing a domestic fossil fuel boom. Natural gas withdrawals have grown by 23 percent since 2000 – that’s an increase of 5.6 million cubic feet per year. Domestic oil production is up a similar percentage since 2007, largely because of advances in technology.

RP Siegel

Is the New Energy Secretary a Few Shades Greener Than We Thought?

Ernest Moniz will likely have more than his fair share of both opportunities and challenges as he begins his tenure as the 13th Secretary of Energy. His term began on a high note as he received a check for $465 million from Tesla, as repayment for a DOE loan, which was repaid nine years early. […]

Dan Reed

With Liquified Natural Gas, Perhaps The Little Engine Actually Could

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” If you’ve ever been a child, raised one, or spoiled one who happened to be your grandchild, you’re probably familiar with that courageously determined phrase from the classic children’s book The Little Engine that Could. And soon you could be hearing it from […]


Natural Gas Exports Could Boost Economy

Energy independence. Two riveting words have gone from political rhetoric to reality in a very short time thanks to new drilling technologies that are freeing huge amounts of oil and natural gas in the United States.  It has been postulated that because of increased production, net petroleum imports as a share of total U.S. liquid […]