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Dan Reed

Obama’s Shot Clock Running Out on Keystone XL Debate

I’ve played a lot of basketball in my life; conservatively, probably about 14,000 hours until the damage I’d inflicted on my knees finally forced me to give up the game at age 43. So I think I know the difference between a purposeful and effective head-fake meant to free the ball handler up for a […]

Dan Reed

Spill in Tiny Arkansas Town Becomes Battle Cry Against Keystone XL

I grew up in Arkansas, a state with countless places of natural beauty and majestic awe. The tiny central Arkansas town of Mayflower is not one of them. And that’s a problem for the Keystone XL pipeline project as it continues to endure passionate opposition from environmentalists as it awaits approvals – or rejections – […]

Dan Reed

Will Obama’s Approval of Keystone Pipeline Be Served With a Heaping Helping of Carbon Tax?

When I was a kid an old fellow named “Bobo the Magician” – seriously, that was his name, or stage name anyway – would come to my elementary school and every other elementary school in my town once a year. He would amaze us by making quarters come out of our ears, pigeons appear out […]