Department of Energy

Dan Reed

U.S. Foot-Dragging on Energy Exports Endangers Rosy Situation

“Water, water, everywhere,: Nor any drop to drink.” That famous line, from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, is seen as a metaphor for modern man’s predicament: We are rich in resources, but have very little ability to use those resources effectively. Of course Coleridge wrote that in the late 18th […]

RP Siegel

Is the New Energy Secretary a Few Shades Greener Than We Thought?

Ernest Moniz will likely have more than his fair share of both opportunities and challenges as he begins his tenure as the 13th Secretary of Energy. His term began on a high note as he received a check for $465 million from Tesla, as repayment for a DOE loan, which was repaid nine years early. […]

Mike Drago

A Stacked Deck? Lawsuit By Two Green Companies Raises Troubling Questions About DOE

Two lawsuits filed recently against the Department of Energy raise some troubling concerns about whether companies working hard toward green innovations have the deck stacked against them in Washington. The lawsuits were both filed by the government watchdog group Cause of Action.  In its filing, Cause of Action alleges that the government evaluated loan guarantee […]