Energy Week: U.S. Launches the Start of a Wind Turbine Fleet

This week’s energy headlines start with the launch of what the Department of Energy hopes will become a fleet of floating wind turbines. We also saw clean-energy policy developments in several states.

Mike Drago

Green Cities California welcomes Palo Alto, Chula Vista

Green Cities California (GCC) recently welcomed the cities of Palo Alto and Chula Vista as its newest members. By design, GCC’s criteria for membership are high. Requirements include the adoption of a local climate or sustainability plan and the adoption of the U. S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Other prerequisites include the conversion […]

Dan Reed

California’s Clean Energy Mandates Poorly Coordinated

Measure twice. Cut once. That old carpenter’s adage highlights the importance of carefully analyzing the true nature of a particular problem and carefully crafting a solution before actually trying to fix the problem. Sadly, it’s a lesson I didn’t learn until long after I married and began raising a family and was faced with doing […]