alternative energy

Taylon Chandler

Flying Wind Turbines and HydroPower in This Weeks’ Friday Fastbreak

Flying Wind Turbine Brings Energy Innovation to Alaska Alaskans might soon be paying lower electricity prices, thanks to a flying wind turbine. Created by Massachusetts-based Altaeros, the Buoyant Airborne Turbine is a 60-foot blimp that captures wind 1,000 feet above the ground (where it blows more powerfully) and transfers it to wind power centers via […]

Mike Drago

Meet the New U.S. Energy Secretary, an ‘All of the Above Guy’

In this week’s Energy News and Notes, the big news was confirmation of a new U.S. energy secretary who’s on the record in favor of fracking. We also saw Colorado’s governor sign a couple of alternative energy measures while hearing calls for him to veto another, and a large software manufacturer talks about its move […]

Dan Reed

With Liquified Natural Gas, Perhaps The Little Engine Actually Could

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” If you’ve ever been a child, raised one, or spoiled one who happened to be your grandchild, you’re probably familiar with that courageously determined phrase from the classic children’s book The Little Engine that Could. And soon you could be hearing it from […]