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To submit an article, please fill in the form below and upload the document in Word format. Anyone can email us a proposed story or viewpoint and we will consider it for publication. But, anyone can post an unedited comment on an article or a viewpoint at any time. We only ask that you keep the discussion civil.


These rules govern content on Energy Viewpoints. If you have questions, please email us at is responsible for content provided by its paid employees including its reporters. However, the views of any contributors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of is a common carrier for anyone not employed by or affiliated with and as such is not responsible for the factual accuracy or reliability of any statements made in posts of any type by other individuals.

Anyone posting news or opinions on must realize they are LEGALLY LIABLE for their statements. That means you can be sued and made to pay money to a damaged party for any commentary deemed to be obscene, libelous or defamatory. You also may be held legally accountable if you share a company’s proprietary information. Accordingly, if you chose to submit an article or post a comment, you should consider carefully whether you have overstated, used misleading language, ignored copyrights, or engaged in derogatory remarks or defamatory speculation. If you are unclear what might or might not be over the line you should consult a lawyer. will not edit submissions. However, we reserve the right to reject a submission in whole from any individual that contains swear words (in any language), actionable accusations, fighting words as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court, or slurs based on racial, ethnic, sexual or religious orientation. Contributors may not call names, or make character attacks. If you believe someone has presented inaccurate information, respond with alternative data but do not call individuals or organizations names. We reserve the right to remove any submission that violates these rules. Our intent is to increase the civility of discourse not add to the coarseness.

All material has a Creative Commons limited Copyright and may be used by anyone with attribution so long as the material appears as it has appeared in Anyone who finds this unacceptable should not post comments or submit articles.

We strongly encourage anyone submitting articles or commenting on a post to follow these simple rules:

  • Write as fact only that which you know to be true and can prove in a court of law;
  • Link to any material that is online when you refer to it in an article or comment;
  • If you got it wrong, return to the site and admit it;
  • Write your articles with the knowledge that what you write will be with us forever;
  • Disclose any conflict of interest – just because you have a conflict doesn’t mean you are wrong;
  • When in doubt email us at and ask.

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