Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is Energy Viewpoints’ mission?

A: Energy Viewpoints’ mission is, simply stated, to arm energy professionals and those in energy-intensive industries with the information and tools necessary to anticipate change and achieve operational excellence.

Q: Who is managing the site?

A: Mike Drago, an award-winning former newspaper journalist, is editor of Energy Viewpoints. Mike is vice president of content at Idea Grove, a Dallas-based integrated marketing and public relations firm that specializes in content marketing.

Q: Who is writing for the site?

A: Idea Grove’s staff of professional writers provide some of the content. We also invite energy journalists and other industry experts across the country to contribute their thoughts.

Q: Can anyone submit articles to Energy Viewpoints?

A: Absolutely. We encourage participation from across the energy industry. We suggest everyone read our submission guidelines prior to submitting articles.

Q: Who do I contact if I want to place advertising on the website?

A: Contact us at info@energyviewpoints.com. Write the words “Advertising Request” in the subject line.

Q: What are your ad rates/sizes?

A: Featured Banner, top of page, 515×75 pixels ($500 per week)

Featured sidebar ad, video, 300×250 pixels ($750 per week)

Featured sidebar ad, static, 300×250 pixels ($500 per week)

Small sidebar ad, 125×125 pixels ($250 per week)