Fossil Fuels


Energy Use to Slow, Oil and Natural Gas Production to Grow

The projections of the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) Annual Energy Outlook 2012 (AEO2012) focus on the factors that will shape the U.S. energy system over the long term. Six key results highlighted are: The rate of growth in energy use slows over the projection period, reflecting moderate population growth, an extended economic recovery, and […]


Historic First: Natural Gas, Coal Each Generated 32% of Electricity

For the first time in U.S. history, natural gas-fired power plants supplied as much electricity to the U.S. as coal-fired plants, according to the recently released report Benchmarking Air Emissions of the 100 Largest Electrical Power Producers in the U.S. The authors, Christopher Van Atten, Amlan Saha and Lea Reynolds of M.J. Bradley & Associates, […]


EV Week Seeks to Make San Francisco the Electric Vehicle Capital of America

In the summer of 2011, San Francisco earned the title “greenest major city” in a study comparing the policies and performance of 27 major U.S. and Canadian cities in nine categories: environmental governance, air quality, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, energy, buildings, land use, transport, waste, and water use. Continuing its green leadership role, San Francisco will host […]