Fossil Fuels

Dan Reed

With Liquified Natural Gas, Perhaps The Little Engine Actually Could

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” If you’ve ever been a child, raised one, or spoiled one who happened to be your grandchild, you’re probably familiar with that courageously determined phrase from the classic children’s book The Little Engine that Could. And soon you could be hearing it from […]

Dan Reed

Hey, College Kids: You Can’t Have It Both Ways On Fossil Fuels

Which is the more morally abhorrent: Apartheid as practiced in South Africa prior to the 1990s, or companies that mine the earth’s resources to give us the fossil fuels that power our homes, cars, businesses and – our economy? According the “best and brightest” of the nation’s college students – those matriculating through the revered […]

Dan Reed

Death of Hugo Chavez Reminds of What Might Have Been With Venezuela’s Energy Supply

“Any man’s death diminishes me… .”  John Donne, the widely acclaimed British poet-priest of the late 16th and early 17th centuries wrote that familiar and noble line about compassion for, and the value of all men. Just shows that Donne never met Hugo Chavez. In his tumultuous life Chavez managed to diminish the lives of […]

Dan Reed

What’s Going On With Gasoline Prices?

As of this writing, the national average price of gasoline at the pump had risen every day for more than a month. Ouch! And while there are some potential signs that the price run-up may just about have exhausted itself, it seems none of the experts being quoted these days can say definitively why gas […]

RP Siegel

A Q&A with the Chief Carbon Hunter at General Motors

Chevrolet recently announced an agreement to back IdleAir as part of its Carbon Reduction Initiative. This action essentially brings the company’s contracted reduction to the 7 million metric ton mark en route to an ultimate goal of 8 million tons by 2014. IdleAir provides parking stations that truckers can pull up to at night or […]

Dan Reed

Plug-In Cars Have Reached a Dead End

I passed a Chevrolet Volt on the highway the other day. Normally, passing a car would be no big deal. But passing a Volt? That’s a big deal because it doesn’t happen often. It can’t, based on the numbers. In the 27 months since it began selling them, General Motors has sold only about 33,000 […]

Dan Reed

Will Obama’s Approval of Keystone Pipeline Be Served With a Heaping Helping of Carbon Tax?

When I was a kid an old fellow named “Bobo the Magician” – seriously, that was his name, or stage name anyway – would come to my elementary school and every other elementary school in my town once a year. He would amaze us by making quarters come out of our ears, pigeons appear out […]

Dan Reed

Shoddy New York Times Report Does Nothing to Advance a Serious Environmental Discussion

If you fly a lot, especially internationally, you may be surprised to learn that a specialist contributor to The New York Times recently declared you to be a really big sinner. The Times describes Elizabeth Rosenthal, a Harvard-educated medical doctor, as a “reporter.” But what she writes essentially are opinion pieces, ostensibly on medical and […]

Jorge Rogers

Carbon Emission Trading: Why the U.S. Might Be Rethinking its Energy Policy

If there were any lingering doubts concerning the threat posed by climate change, then the report commissioned by the World Bank last November must surely have dispelled them once and for all. In collaboration with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Climate Analytics, the world’s most venerable economic body claimed that there is […]


Natural Gas Exports Could Boost Economy

Energy independence. Two riveting words have gone from political rhetoric to reality in a very short time thanks to new drilling technologies that are freeing huge amounts of oil and natural gas in the United States.  It has been postulated that because of increased production, net petroleum imports as a share of total U.S. liquid […]