Energy and Public Policy

anti-Keystone Pipeline buttons
Dan Reed

Obama’s Veto of Keystone XL Bill Won’t Last Forever

President Obama’s unsurprising Feb. 24 veto of the bill authorizing construction of the final key leg of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada through Nebraska took place in private. There was no news conference, no ceremony, no gathering of bill opponents standing behind the President, no TV cameras. The Administration only made a modest statement […]

Offshore drilling
Dan Reed

Drill Here, Not There: Obama’s Cynical Energy Policy

All Presidents and their Administrations have great potential to make people angry with the decisions they make and actions they take. President Obama’s Administration, however, scored a rare “two-fer” when it unveiled its newest approach to accessing oil and gas resources in regions where drilling wasn’t previously allowed.

American oil
Dan Reed

Can U.S. Crude Exports Ease Tensions in Europe? Maybe

Oil has been a central concern of U.S. foreign policy for nearly 50 years, but the role it plays might be in for a big change. The Russian expansionism of Vladimir Putin is putting Europe in an awkward position. The nations can either fight back and risk losing access to Russian oil and natural gas […]